Goblin Greens

Providing a sustainable, economically sound solution to fresh, locally sourced produce.

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are densely planted vegetables grown specifically to be harvested early in maturity. This provides a tasty, nutrient rich addition to your diet. From restaurants to home, the variety of microgreens available allow you to spruce up any dish.


Growing microgreens in a vertical farm means that you can produce a lot of food with little space. This is ideal for crowded cities where land is not easy to find. Not only that, but growing indoors means that any climate is suitable to grow in.

Microgreens do not require fertilizers, pesticides, or any other type of chemical to grow, and require little water compared to normal size crops.

GoblinGreens wants to do our part in providing a fully sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to producing microgreens in our community. All of our products are packaged plant based renewable packaging with recycled hemp labels to create as little waste as possible.